Privacy Policy

As an author based in the European Union (with readers also residing in European countries), I adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation. The following statement clarifies which forms of personal information I collect, and for what purposes they are used.

1. The Nina del Arce author newsletter

The main purpose of the Nina del Arce author newsletter is to have a direct communication channel to my readers via e-mail. For this purpose I collect e-mail addresses, your first name (voluntary, only used to personalise greetings), and some variables marking the source of the signup (whether it came directly from one of my books, via a free story on Bookfunnel, or if the signup page mentioned a particular series). The latter is used to send e-mails specifically to readers who have already read at least one title in one of my book series (let’s call it ‘series A’), for instance to let them know that book #2 in series A is out, or to show them another series (referred to as ‘series B’) that they have not yet read but might also like. The signup time, time zone and region of the signup source is collected automatically and may be used to schedule e-mails to an appropriate time, and showcase offers that may only be available to residents of certain regions.

Your contact details will not be shared with other individuals or companies for the purposes of their direct markering to you. On rare occasions I may include recommendations of other titles (i.e. new book releases or similar) by other authors in my e-mails to you, but it will still be in the context of my own messages and because I genuinely think you would enjoy the other content. It does not mean anyone else receives your e-mail address.

I use e-mail list / signup services and to collect e-mail addresses, which means the data mentioned above passes through their servers. They may also create cookies (small text files stored on your hard drive) needed to support the functionality of the submission forms. You can read Mailchimp’s privacy policy here and Bookfunnel’s privacy policy here. I don’t share my login details to these services with any third parties which could gain access to your information in this manner.

2. The website

This website formerly collected cookies for the purposes of producing aggregated statistics of web traffic to the domain using Google Analytics. However, I closed the Google Analytics account for on May 21st, 2018. Source code on certain pages of this website may still include the tracking code for my former account, but it is not connected to an active data collection.

Additionally, there is a comment feature enabled on my blog posts. This form collects your chosen displayed name (posted publicly), web address (if you choose to provide it), and e-mail address (not shared with the public, used to send you e-mail notification of my replies to your comments and to detect if you have a account and show the connected profile picture). The content of the comment is posted publicly on

3. Opt-out and data disclosure

You have the right to request access to any information I have regarding you, and may also request to have it deleted.


This document was last updated on May 21st, 2018.